Can You Wash A Laptop Backpack in the Correct Way?

wash a laptop backpack

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If you feel the need to change your laptop backpack too soon since it is worn off, there are chances that you are not taking care of it properly. If you need your laptop backpack to care for your precious laptop, then you need to care for your laptop backpack in a proper way.

Learning How to Wash Your Laptop Backpack

There are many ways to wash your laptop backpack. Most people realize that they should be cleaning their laptop bag regularly since it is subject to wear and tear as it is exposed to dirt and bacteria every day. If your laptop backpack is in rough use, it may even have some food stains or liquid spills. All of these things not only make your laptop backpack look worn off, but it also damages the health of the bag.

Once you keep using your laptop backpack every day, it is easy to forget to clean it properly. You may only realize that the backpack needs a wash when it is emitting an odor or being discolored in certain areas.

Learning how to wash your own laptop backpack is essential. This can keep the costs of taking your backpack to the laundry low, and you can wash it whenever you find the time. Make sure that you have a premium quality laptop backpack for your laptop, since it makes the cleaning process much simpler and quicker.

What Do I Need?

To wash your laptop backpack properly at home, there are three things that you will need to keep in hand: an old toothbrush, a detergent powder, and a washing machine.

Your laptop backpack is likely to accumulate stains over time. Whether it is food residue or liquid spills, it is important to clean the stains properly before washing the entire bag in a washing machine. It is recommended to use an old toothbrush for this purpose since toothbrushes have light bristles that are effective for removing stains. Using sturdy bathroom brushes or tight plastic brushes can cause damage to the outer layer of your backpack – thus leading to discoloration.

When you use a toothbrush to remove the stains, it is important to pair it with a mild detergent that helps you remove the stains easily. The detergent will ensure that the stains are removed without having to rub too hard or roughly on the surface of your laptop backpack.

Remember to use a mild detergent for this purpose only, since harsh detergents can permanently damage the color of your laptop backpack. If you are still worried about the detergent damaging your backpack, you can choose a detergent that is specifically designed with color protection properties.

While it may be enough for you to simply clean the backpack with a toothbrush, some detergent, and a damp cloth, some people prefer to wash the entire thing in a washing machine. In that case, make sure to check whether your laptop backpack is washing machine friendly by checking the indicators on the tag.

When using a washing machine, make sure that you empty the entire laptop backpack carefully and remove any USB slots that may be present. It is also important to use the delicate or gentle setting on the washing machine to ensure that the color and material of your laptop backpack is preserved during the wash.

Washing Your Laptop Backpack Manually

Many people are reluctant about using a washing machine to wash their laptop backpack. In this case, it is possible to clean your laptop backpack by hand and preserve it for a longer period of time. Here are the steps to follow to wash your laptop backpack correctly:

1. Empty the Backpack

Since you would be soaking the entire laptop backpack in water during the washing procedure, it is important to empty the backpack completely before beginning. Check for any small electronic devices such as USB cables or outlets that may be in-built into your laptop backpack. Also remove any additional straps or pockets that are attached to the bag.

2. Brushing

Before the laptop backpack makes contact with water, it is important to brush all the dirt and dust residue that may have collected on the surface. You can use an old rag or cloth brush to clean the laptop backpack. If you notice any loose threads on your backpack, simply cut them off with scissors instead of tugging on them.

2. Make a Detergent and Water Mixture

If your laptop backpack has any stubborn stains that you need to clean, then you should follow this step using a soft toothbrush. Simply mix equal parts of mild detergent and water in a small container, dip the toothbrush in the mixture, and scrub off the stains. If the stains are stubborn, you can simply leave on the detergent and water mixture for 20 minutes instead of scrubbing too roughly on the laptop backpack.

3. Fill a Bucket with Lukewarm Water

The next step is to submerge your laptop backpack into a bucket of water. It is important to use lukewarm water for this purpose since it aids in the removal of tough stains without damaging the color of the bag. If there are still visible stains on the bag, you can continue scrubbing gently using the toothbrush. However, you should stop as soon as the stains are not very visible anymore since scrubbing too much can lead to discoloration of the laptop backpack.

4. Rinse the Bag

Since you were using detergent to clean the backpack, it is important to rinse it properly with water to remove all the residue from soap. Use water to rinse the bag or use a large towel cloth to gently press and clean the backpack.

5. Hang to Dry

Instead of putting your laptop backpack in the dryer, it is always a better idea to simply hang it out to dry in fresh air. Hang the bag unzipped and upside down to ensure that all the remaining water is removed from the bag.



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