Do you need both a laptop sleeve and a laptop backpack?

laptop sleeve or laptop backpack

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Types of Laptop Bags

Since each individual has their own unique style, there are a range of different laptop bags that could cater to your needs. However, the two main types of laptop bags are a laptop sleeve and a laptop backpack. Both of these differ in terms of purpose, size, and even protection levels.
To help you decide how you should choose a laptop case, laptop backpack, or both, we’ve curated this extensive guide to give you all the details you need. An important piece of advice would be that your purchase should depend upon the type of laptop you have and the kind of lifestyle you have. If you do not carry your laptop around too often, then you may not need both types of laptop bags after all.

types of laptop bags

What is a Laptop Sleeve?

Laptop sleeve provides protection to the laptop and protect them from dust, finger prints, scratches and it protect your laptop from external damages and other elements. It always gives your laptop a new look. 
A laptop sleeve is a sleek covering for your laptop that is typically made with neoprene or leather, easy to carry and light in weight. It is designed to be only a little larger than the size of your laptop, thus fitting it tightly and securely.
If you do not like carrying a big bag around, then a laptop sleeve would work perfectly for you.
Laptop sleeves typically come in a range of different colors and designs that you can choose from. If you work in a large company, there is a good chance that your company provides employers or clients customized and branded laptop sleeve . This is often used as a marketing strategy and branding technique for the company – since you are showing off the company logo wherever you go.
If you want extra protection for your laptop before putting it in a larger bag, then a laptop sleeve would be helpful for this purpose too. As laptop sleeves are thin and fit the size of your laptop, they can easily provide an extra layer of protection before putting your laptop in a bag with anything else that might scratch the surface of your device.

I recently bought Amazon Basics 15.6-Inch Laptop Sleeve – Black after reading a lot of reviews about it. This sleeve is perfect. It has 4 color variants black, blue, purple, grey and I choose the black one. Look wise also it is great.

Built-Neoprene foam.

Amazon basic products ,I personally like very much because of there high quality at affordable price.

Amazon Basics 15.6 Inch Laptop Sleeve 1
Amazon Basics 15.6-inch Laptop Sleeve

Should You Get a Laptop Sleeve?

Now that you know exactly what a laptop sleeve is and what it can be used for, here comes the big question: should you buy a laptop sleeve?
If you are concerned about the safety of your laptop, we recommend investing in a laptop sleeve. Not only does it ensure that your laptop is not scratched or damaged by water, it also adds a fashion statement to your everyday look.
In case you already carry a perfect laptop backpack with a padded laptop pocket inside, then you may not need a laptop sleeve after all.
The decision to buy a laptop sleeve or not depends entirely on the accessories you already have, or even on how often you transport your laptop.

What is a laptop backpack?

Laptop backpacks are a good choice if the sleeves aren’t your thing (perhaps because you also need to bring chargers and other accessories). The best part of investing in notebook backpacks is that they always come in a variety of sizes and designs. In addition, you can even find waterproof or anti-theft backpacks for the ultimate protection of your beloved device.

Waterproof backpacks are a common product, but be careful to distinguish between waterproof types. There are currently two types on the market, one is 100% waterproof and the other is only the fabric water-resistant.

The 100% waterproof backpack is made by a heat sealing process, because the materials, including the fabric and zipper are waterproof and don’t have stitches, it can be useful if you live in an area where there’s a lot of rain and snow, as it completely prevents water from seeping into the bag.

The water resistant backpack is only the fabric is waterproof, and can not completely prevent water from penetrating into the bag.

100% waterproof bag cost is too high, and there is no great market demand. Instead of it, the most demand on the market now is water resistant backpacks, their price is relatively low, easier to produce, and enough to meet the daily needs.

So when buying a waterproof laptop backpack, be careful of companies that use the word “waterproof,” because it’s not the same thing as a waterproof material.

Regarding the anti theft laptop backpack you might be interested, please review my the other article “What is an anti theft laptop backpack? How does it works?”

Should You Buy a Laptop Backpack?

The best part of buying a laptop backpack is that it usually has multi pockets and separate compartments, when you can safely carry your laptop, you can also carry other essentials in your bag, such as power supplies, laptop chargers, books, and more.

To avoid carrying too many bags, we recommend buying a travel backpack with a removable laptop sleeve. The laptop sleeve not only protects your laptop, but also makes it easy to use it during airport security.

If you’re on public transport, you’ll need a backpack with padded compartments for laptop storage, and to avoid laptop crashes on buses or trains during rush hour. If you are cycling or motorbike, backpack-style laptop bags are the best choice.If you’re walking, consider a backpack that’s waterproof even on rainy days, one that won’t tighten your back and shoulders. A laptop backpack bag is again a good option here.

laptop backpack when traveling

Do You Need Both A Laptop Sleeve and A Laptop Backpack?

Whether you would like to buy a laptop sleeve, or a laptop backpack is entirely a personal choice. But if you ask me, then I do recommend buying both of them – especially if you carry your laptop to places on a regular basis.

You never know when you could unknowingly cause damage to your laptop. To avoid any such circumstances, we recommend placing your laptop in a laptop sleeve first and then putting it inside the padded compartment of a laptop backpack for optimal protection. If you need to carry just your laptop to a meeting or a class, you can always ditch the backpack and carry it in hand with the laptop sleeve on.



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