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RPET Backpacks: Eco-Friendly Style

All RPET bags are 100% Ec0-friendly, made from recycled PET plastic bottles. Its waterproof, sturdy and light. Europeans care more about the environment, so the Rpet recycle bag products are more popular and promoted there.


Frequently Asked Question

What is an RPET backpack?
An RPET backpack is a backpack made from recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic materials. These eco-friendly backpacks are created by recycling and repurposing plastic bottles and other PET products, helping to reduce plastic waste and promote sustainability.
What is the difference between recycled polyester and rPET?
Recycled polyester and rPET both refer to environmentally friendly materials, with rPET being a subset focused on repurposing PET plastic bottles.

What’s the minimum order quantity for this bagpack design?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is typically 500 units, but for special bags it can be reduced to around 200-300 units.


Do you offer prototyping services, including costs and lead times?

Yes, we offer prototyping services.Normally  we will charge 80USD-150USD on different project requirements.

7-10days lead times.


Can we make minor customizations, such as branding or color variations?

Certainly, we can accommodate minor customizations such as branding or color variations to tailor the product to your preferences.


Could you briefly describe your quality control processes?

Of course, here’s the information presented as a list:

Quality Control Processes:

  • Rigorous checks at various stages of production
  • Ensuring every product meets high standards
  • Material inspection
  • Assembly assessments
  • Functional testing
  • Final quality inspection
  • Aim to consistently meet or exceed customer expectations


Custom your own brand bags





  • Submit your request
  • Pricing
  • Styles Selection
  • Design Confirmation
  • Branding
  • Sample Confirmation
  • PP sample confirm
  • On time delivery
  • Qulity control
  • Freight & Logistics
  • NDA support
  • After-sales service

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