Is It Convenient To Wear A Hydration Packs When Running Or Cycling?


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Pros Of Hydration Backpacks

There are many benefits of hydration packs for a runner. and it’s absolutely convenient to wear a hydration packs when running and cycling. It’s easy to carry, helps to stay hydrated and also provide good additional storage. As a runner, it is essential to be hydrated if you want to give your best during your run. Here are some of the reasons why you should take hydration packs whenever you go out.

Easy To Carry

One of the biggest perks of a hydration pack is that it can be easily carried around. You can run or cycle freehand without the need of carrying a water bottle in your hand. It comes in many different designs from which you can choose, according to your preference.

If you are training with your hydration packs then it is really easy for you to run with them in the marathon race.

Helps To Stay Hydrated

The main purpose of running with the hydration pack is to avoid dehydration.

It can be a serious condition if you are dehydrated during physical activities such as running or cycling. As a runner, it is important for you to drink water every now and then to avoid muscle cramps, dryness in the eyes, headache, and difficulty in breathing that can cause you to lose your race.

With easy access to water, you can conveniently drink water and keep yourself away from alternate sickness by carrying a hydration pack.

Highly Durable

Hydration packs are made from durable materials so you don’t need to worry about any leakage or punctures. You can also freeze the hydration pack and melt it later to get chilling water during your entire journey. While running or cycling in hot weather, chilled water is preferred by many people.

The costs of these hydration packs may be more than water bottles but unlike water bottles that you buy frequently, these packs are durable and can last a long time.

Besides, their benefits far outweigh their costs and the purchase is worth every penny.

Provides Additional Storage

There are so many designs in hydration packs. Most of the hydration packs come with additional storage.

You can select the one according to your need and how many additional pockets you will need. It is convenient for the runners or riders to keep their cell phones, energy bars, and medicines for an emergency. As a runner, it is good to carry a hydration pack for your small and important materials.

Not Relying On Water Stations

Every running event has water stations that will offer you water in cups or bottles. You can stop at these stations to drink water or grab it while running. However, the water stations can be overcrowded or disorganized, making it inconvenient and time-consuming.

Stopping for drinking water can break the running rhythm and use up valuable time during a race. You can also feel dehydrated if the next station is too far. If you don’t want to face such problems then carrying a hydration pack is the best thing to do.

Environmentally Friendly

The number of paper cups used in the races is astonishing.

I ran a marathon once, the only time in my life.I was shocked by the number of paper cups used in the races. Even if those cups are properly composted or recycled, that’s a lot of cups.

Some runners go so far as to use more than 10 paper cups. 1 to pour water, 2 to drink, 1 to drink a sports drink, and then grab another water to drink.

A hydration pack might means zero cups to use!

Cons Of Hydration Backpacks

While hydration packs are incredibly useful, they have some limitations as well. Following are some limitations of a hydration pack.

Slows You Down

If you are carrying hydration packs while running then it may slow you down. If your hydration pack weighs 2 kg then it is most likely that you lose about 36 seconds over the marathon distance. Many runners don’t want to slow down their speed and go for other alternatives.

Difficult To Clean

At the end of the long run, it can be difficult to clean your hydration packs as you may really tired. You will need different tools to deep clean it which requires a lot of effort. As a runner, you may not feel like cleaning it after a tiring race, and rinsing a water bottle with soap and water may seem like an easier alternative.

bladder cleaning tools
bladder cleaning tools

Unnecessary Strain On Your Body

Another disadvantage of hydration packs are the extra weight it will put on your body.  On top of slowing down your speed in the race, it can cause pain problems as well. If the pain increases to the point where you are unable to continue the run, you may need to abandon your run.

A lot of medical sickness likes backache and pain in the knees or ankles can also develop over time if there is excess weight on your back while doing a cardio exercise like running or cycling.

Tips For Running Or Cycling With A Hydration Packs

If you are running with hydration packs then these tips will be great for a good run.

Get The Perfect Size

Before you get a hydration pack for running, make sure it fits you perfectly and the size is not too big. Adjust the straps and try it before making the purchase. Even if it fits perfectly, applying some lube to avoid irritation in the back or neck is a good idea.

Consider The Weight

The functions of a hydration pack will depend on the weight you will put in it. Make sure to load it with the right weight that you can easily carry according to your capacity.

Stop Your Hydration Pack From Sloshing

If you don’t want to get irritated from the sloshing sound from your hydration pack then make sure to squeeze out the excess air when filling it up. This will help with the sloshing and you can fully focus on your activity.

Real Feelings About Wearing A Pack From Marathon Runners

Marathon runners wearing a pack

  1. I wear a hydration pack on any run over 5 miles. I have a simple one and one that holds more for longer runs.. I don’t care what I look like. You do what works for you.I don’t like to carry things in my hands and a pack lets me carry my phone, water, keys, and snacks if needed.

  2. You will be adding weight, but as long as you’re not some super elite runner it is not likely to matter. You’ll get the feel for it during training too so it won’t be some sudden unexpected burden on race day.

  3. Honestly, I think this is a smart idea, and better for races if more people did it – the aid stations get clogged up and then there are cups everywhere, but honestly, who likes throwing water at their face? Having a bite straw makes intake convenient and allows you to take in when you want it versus when it’s available. It also allows you to put in replacements and nutrition into your liquid if you wanted to as well. I say go for it! I recently did a 5k where I saw a woman wear a tiny one – while I thought that was unnessecary for such a short race, for a full marathon, I don’t think anyone would scoff at you!

Now you know all about the hydration packs and what they can offer. These packs have great perks but can be uncomfortable for some people. At the end of the day, the choice to wear them or not depends on you and how you weigh their usefulness against the extra weight.



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