How does a USB charging port work on a laptop backpack?

How Does A Usb Charging Port Work On A Laptop Backpack

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In reality, the USB charging port is carefully designed as part of laptop backpacks in order to provide users with added convenience. If you want to charge a device such as your smartphone whilst you are on the go, then this USB charging port may be very helpful.

However, the USB charging port is not magical. It cannot work simply by plugging a charging cable inside the port and charging your phone – after all, where would the electricity supply come from?

To solve the mystery of how the USB charging port on a laptop backpack actually works, we are here to help you out.

easily charge on the go

What is a USB Charging Port?

In case you are not familiar, a USB charging port is a portable little slot that can be plugged into an electricity outlet in order to charge various devices. You may have seen a similar USB charging port as your backpack in your car (often known as a car charger).

In a car, this USB port connects to the battery inside the vehicle and uses it as a source of electric power. In a backpack, you would have to connect a source of power manually.

How to Use the USB Charging Port

As we have already established, you are required to connect the USB charging port to a source of power for it to work as part of the laptop backpack. The best way to do this is by connecting a small and portable power bank to the USB charging port.

Instead of using the power bank directly and having to carry it around in your hand, you can easily plug it into the USB charging port inside your laptop backpack and connect the phone charging cable from the outside of your bag. This allows you to portably charge your device without having to carry too many things in your hands.

Steps to Follow to Charge Your Phone Using USB Charging Port

Step 1: Charge the power bank overnight. Ensure that the power bank is fully charged before you plug it to your laptop backpack, especially if you want to continue using the USB port throughout the day without running short of power.

Step 2: Place the power bank inside the small pocket on the inner side of your laptop backpack. Using the small USB cable that is already inside the bag, connect the power bank to the charging port.

Step 3: Connect your phone with the backpack USB port for charging through your own phone use cable.

Step 4: Charge your device on the go.

Steps to Follow to Charge Your Phone Using USB Charging Port

Why Should I Buy a Laptop Backpack?

If you think the USB charging port feature is not enough to convince you to purchase a laptop backpack, then you can consider one of the following reasons:

1. Protection from Theft

Since laptop backpacks come with secure zippers and can even be tied around your waist with straps, it saves you from any kind of theft. This is especially important if you are travelling to a foreign country where pickpocketing is common. Even if you are just using a laptop backpack for your everyday life, it will still protect you from theft of your valuable items since it is made with a highly resistant and durable material.

2. Keep Your Items Organized

With a laptop backpack, you do not need to worry about all of your items being jumbled up into one big pile. The backpack will have a separate padded compartment for your laptop, mesh pockets for the power bank, a large compartment to keep any books or chargers, and smaller zipper compartments inside and outside to place items such as your keys, phone, or wallet. This helps you keep all of your things organized properly inside the laptop backpack, without causing any damage to your laptop.

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Advantages of Having a USB Charging Port on a Laptop Backpack

If you are considering purchasing a laptop backpack, we recommend that you do so immediately. If you have to carry your laptop to work or to school, then it is essential for you to have a laptop backpack that provides safety to your device.

Apart from safety, a laptop backpack can also provide a range of different benefits. With a USB charging port, you can charge your phone at any time of the day without worrying about finding an electricity outlet. This is especially useful if you tend to travel frequently during the day, since most public places or trains do not have any electricity outlets that you could use.

Since having a fully charged phone is essential to stay connected with work or school deadlines, a USB charging port on your backpack will serve as a convenient feature.

USB Charging Port on a Laptop Backpack

How to Wash a Laptop Backpack with a USB Charging Port

This is one of the most common questions asked by people who purchase laptop backpacks. If you are wondering whether you can wash this electronic backpack in the same way as other bags, then the answer is definitely no. If you expose the USB charging port to running water, you are risking ruining the electrical outlet entirely.

To keep your laptop backpack clean and hygienic, you can wash it by hand using some regular soap and water. We do not recommend using a washing machine to wash a laptop backpack since it can damage the outer padding of the bag or damage the overall material.

If you want to clean you dirty backpack without washing it, this video is for you. In this video you will find a simple & unique technique for cleaning backpack without washing. Just watch the video & learn this technique & apply to your dirty backpack for clean it.



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