Is The Tool Bag Washable? A Step-By-Step Guide To Cleaning It

Is The Tool Bag Washable A Step By Step Guide To Cleaning It

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Is The Tool Bag Washable?

Before we start guiding you on washing the tool bag, you need to understand if the material is washable. Tool bags come in various materials that include:

  • Leather
  • Canvas
  • Nylon
  • Vinyl

All of these tool bags are incredibly easy to clean, except leather. A leather tool bag is the most difficult to clean because it can become easily damaged.

If you are unsure, your best bet is to look inside the bag for a label. There should be something in one of the pockets revealing what the bag is made of.

Of course, for that, you have to know the right cleaning tools to apply, so you don’t damage the bag.

The other materials are easy to clean, and the same procedure can be followed for all of them. Here is everything you need to know about cleaning a tool bag.

Cleaning Any Tool Bag Involves Four Basic Steps

  1. Assemble All The Supplies And Tools You Need For Cleaning
  2. Empty Your Tool Bag Before Cleaning It 
  3. Cleaning The Tool Bag With Warm Water And Soap
  4. Protective Finishing Products After Cleaning

1. Assemble All The Supplies And Tools You Need For Cleaning

Now that you know your tool bag’s material, it is time you assemble your supplies and tools that will help you with cleaning. Firstly, you will have to opt for a cleaning solution or detergent, depending on your tool bag’s material. However, if your tool bag is made of leather, you should opt for a mild soap.

The soap will easily clean and lubricate the leather tool bag. For the rest of the materials, you can use a detergent or cleaning solution. You will also need:

Soft bristle brushes

The bag needs a little scrubbing in order to loosen the soiling agent from the embossed surfaces. Do not thorough scrub it because you may end up spoiling the bag, the bag only needs medium scrubbing.

The level of scrubbing is determined by the material of the bag because there are materials that are not supposed to be scrubbed and here are those that also need a thorough scrubbing.

Bristle Brushes And Sope

A cleaning rag

All you need is a pile of clean absorbent cotton cloth, cut it in half, quarter, or eighth with an old bath towel, hand towel, or tea towel, and you can clean anything.

Cleaning Rags

Finishing treatment

Once you have gathered all the materials, it is time to start cleaning the bag. You should do the cleaning over a tub or a sink so that it is easier to clean up.

2. Empty Your Tool Bag Before Cleaning It 

Of course, the first thing you need to do is empty your tool bag. Make sure all the tools are out. If you have many small pockets inside your tool bag, check those too. That is because they may injure you during cleaning, so ensure that all small screws, nails, and other tools are out of the bag.

The next thing you need to do is clean all the dirt from inside the bag. The easiest way you can do this is by turning your bag inside out and shaking it thoroughly. Doing this will ensure all debris, dust, and dirt is out of the bag.

If you think there is still dirt left in the bag that you can’t get out of, you can always use a portable vacuum on the bag. Of course, this is not entirely necessary, but you can vacuum your bag if you are not satisfied. The next step is applying soap or detergent.

 3. Cleaning The Tool Bag With Warm Water And Soap

Warm water is effective for cleaning because it always removes more dirt and soil. You should learn to use soap when cleaning your tool bag and avoid using detergents and bleach.

Leather Tool Bag

If you have a leather tool bag, you need to apply the soap and some water with your hands and let it sit on the bag. After a few minutes, apply some clean water and wipe your leather tool bag with a clean rag. During this step, you have to keep in mind that hard water and soap may leave a film behind on the leather.

That is why you should ensure you are using clean water. The best way to do that is by cleaning it with distilled water. That will leave no film behind, and it will clean the leather perfectly.

Toolbag In Other Fabrics

If your tool bag is made of any material other than leather, you should apply a cleaning solution. Read the directions on the product and apply accordingly. The directions will tell you to apply the solution with a rag or spray it directly.

Once you have applied, you need to let the cleaning solution sit on the tool bag for a few minutes. If there are any stubborn stains, they will all come out after a few minutes. On the other hand, if the cleaning solution directions say not to let the solution be set, it is best not to do that.

After that, use some clean water to rinse everything off, and then wipe your tool bag with a rag. Depending on the bag’s dirtiness, you might have to apply the solution and rinse it a few times to get the desired results.

There is an all-purpose simple green cleaner that is designed to clean off the marks that are in your tool bag and if there are stubborn marks then make a dilution of household bleach to help you rid of the marks and leave your tool bag sparkling.

4. Protective Finishing Products After Cleaning

After you have rinsed it in a proper way, you can hang it to dry before you get to use it once again.

But Leather and canvas tool bags will need a finishing product. Nylon and vinyl bags don’t need it usually. If you have a canvas or leather bag, you need to give adequate time to the tool bag so it can dry completely.

The best way to dry it is by letting it sit in the sun for a few hours. For the leather bag, you can use 3 in 1 oil. You don’t have to invest specifically in leather oil to clean your tool bag.

If you don’t have 3 in 1 oil, you can use any vegetable oil, and it will work perfectly. For example, olive oil or linseed oil are great choices. On the other hand, a canvas tool bag will need a finishing product specifically made for the material.

You can go to your nearest local store that sells canvas canopies and tents, and you will be able to find a finishing product for it. You can then apply it to the tool bag according to the directions, and your bag will be as good as new.

Final Words

Take some time to search for the right cleaning product before you use it on your bag. Once you choose the right one, cleaning will become much easier. This leads to a long life expectancy and you will be able to use it to for quite a long period of time. Follow these steps and clean your tool bag with the most effectiveness every time.

After you’ve done it a few times, you’ll be an old pro whose tool bag always looks clean and orderly.



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